Making your own fondant cutters

I needed to make fondant toppers for my last order, moustaches and lips. I searched for perfectly sized and shaped cutters but to no avail. What to do?! …Oh right, make my own :) Here’s how:

Take a Coke can and cut off the top and bottom; slice it open so you end up with a rectangular piece of metal. Trim so you have square edges and corners. Obviously take care not to cut yourself.

Fold over one edge, approximately 1/2”. You can fold over less but I did more so it was easier to get straight. I used a bone folder to do this.

Repeat the folding step on the other side as well. Draw out the shape you want in the size you need. Take a pair of needlenose pliers (the smaller, the better) and start shaping!

Make sure you leave a small flap a little less than 1/2” long so you can close the shape at the end.

And soon enough you’ll get this…

This is the side that actually cuts. The other side doesn’t look nearly as well-shaped but it doesn’t matter since you’ll never use it.

Cut off the excess metal so that you have just enough to complete the shape. Trim off a little bit off each corner so that you can slot it into the beginning flap.

I just left mine self-closing and didn’t secure it in any way - this was a slight annoyance when I actually used it since it would open up every now and then. If you have any suggestions on how to keep them closed, let me know!

They worked out fantastically for what I needed them for. I don’t know if this method would work for cookies since it’s not very sturdy but it worked perfectly for fondant. The moustache one tended to gunk up in the corners so I’d have to wash it every now and then, but the lips one worked like a dream. This took me about 2 hours to make, but it was worth it considering my only other option was to hand-shape 250 fondant lips and moustaches!