Part 3 of this Christmas order: these were my favourite! I improved them from last year, adding a marshmallow fondant hat, scarf, and nose and piped the eyes, mouth, and buttons with royal icing. So cute! 

To make these, make your cake pop mixture as per usual. Create two small balls, one slightly larger than the other. Dip your stick in chocolate and carefully push it in, making sure to poke halfway through the smaller ball as well. I marked on the stick how far it should go beforehand.

Dip in chocolate as usual but have your fondant hats ready (dried at least a day) and then immediately dip the bottom of the hat in chocolate and stick it on the just-dipped head. Do the same for the orange nose (also pre-dried).

When the pops are dry, prepare the fondant scarves (they should be soft and pliable). Pipe a thin line of melted white chocolate around the neck and a little down the side, and immediately wrap the scarf around. I started at the spot where the “knot” should be, and then kept going around until it met again, and bent the rest of the scarf over the line of melted chocolate down the side. You can also squeeze a bit of chocolate where the scarf joins so it closes properly. If the scarf is too long, simply cut off the excess. Complete the snowman by piping on eyes, a mouth, and buttons with black royal icing.