This was our (Sarah, Ming, & I) entry for our work gingerbread house contest! Sarah got the idea of an UP! house stuck in my head and once I get these baking challenges in my head and I can’t stop… 

I was inspired by this guy and read his comments closely. I blew up this model 200% and cut apart the pieces to use as my house pattern. The best tip I have is cutting your pieces AFTER you’ve baked them. Cut 1cm extra around the shape in the raw dough and right after it’s done baking you quickly place your pattern pieces on top and carefully cut while the cookies are still soft. This gives you flat pieces with square edges. 

Then I went at it - alternating applying fondant and building the house. Corn syrup worked great as a glue, and MMF was perfect at creating all the decorations. Sarah and Ming were the shingle masters! I painted the horizontal lines in the siding with water  before loosely brushing on some cocoa powder. 

The entire house is edible: gingerbread, marshmallow fondant, corn syrup and food dye. The clouds are made of polyester stuffing and the balloons are flower wires and plastic balls (previously filled with water, to be used as ice cubes). This process was actually quite cathartic, taking a paper model and figuring out how to transform it into cookie and icing.