The torrential rain we’re getting is a sign spring is around the corner! I made these cute little flower sugar cookies for our monthly staff meeting. Do you see the dimpling in the petals? That’s from me not filling them properly, but I think it worked in my favour since they look more like petals now!

I tried out Sweet Sugar Belle’s recipe and while it was much easier to work with, my tasters have said they prefer the usual recipe from Glorious Treats … oh well, more work it is :P

I also made my own sanding sugar for the centre which was super easy - using raw or organic sugar (the grains are bigger than regular sugar) in a small jar, add a couple drops of food colouring. Close the lid, shake the heck out of it and shake even harder to get rid of lumps. Add more colouring as needed. You can add pinches of cornstarch to help dry it out, but you’ll need to spread it out on a plate/cookie sheet and let it dry for a few hours.