Halloween’s just around the corner so I thought I’d make a tutorial on a really fun and easy treat. I’ve made these mummy cake pops for the past couple years and they’re always a hit. Watch the video for a tutorial!

Start off with a chocolate cake pop that you’ve rolled and inserted with a lollipop stick. I’m using my Wilton melting pot with white candy melts I got at Superstore.

Dip your pop quickly in the melts, making sure you cover the entire cake ball. Tap and swirl off any excess chocolate.

Take a paring knife and while holding it flat against the pop, lightly drag the tip across in short strokes. You have to hold it flat against the cake so the lines are thick enough. Make random strokes - it doesn’t matter if it’s messy! Also take care to drag the knife lightly or else you might dig into the cake. Try to work quickly before the chocolate sets.

Finally take black sugar pearls and carefully press two eyes in before the chocolate hardens.